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Re-jok - A small react UI component library built with styled-components

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Hi everyone!!! I just built a small library ui for react... I just started learning react a few months ago on the internet and had a three-month internship ... The idea came when I got to the spectrum .. I learned a lot of new stuff from the spectrum and I decided to practice by building re-jok ... so maybe my code looks very stupid or has lots of bugs but I hope everyone to like it..... I will try to improve it

This's my repo:

tranbathanhtung / re-jok

A React UI Component Frameworks built with styled-components


Re-jok is a React UI component library built with styled-components. It's a collection of components that help you design websites fast and beautiful easily. Now, it's very young, few components or somewhere looks like stupid but we always try to improve and add more components in the shortest time.

Why Re-Jok

  • Very lightweight... About 38KB min+gzip
  • Easy to customize component
  • Easy to customize theme


npm i --save re-jok

Getting Started

import React from 'react'
import { globalConfig, JokTheme, Button } from 're-jok'


const App = props => (
      <Button>Hello World</Button>


Thanks all!!!

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Looks cool! Styled components is a great library.


Thanks, many things to learn but I will try my best


Awesome, now I'm inspired to work on my own project too as an intern. Thanks for sharing.

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