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Discussion on: Learn a New Language: Ruby or Go?

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I had exactly the same question recently. But with a different background (basic -> vb -> -> c#).

I learned some Go for Hugo and really liked it. Then I learned some Ruby (not Rails) just for "fun" because I kept hearing how "happy" it makes everyone :) I have to admit it has some charm.

I think I'm going to spend more time with Ruby than Go, at least for now. Sinatra in particular and the Rack web setup make it very appealing. I didn't see anything like that for Go. Maybe by the time I get back to it, that'll be there too :)

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Marc Nevin Author

Pretty good reasoning there!

Totally right about how everyone says how happy Ruby makes them... it might have factored into how I landed with it as one of the two to pick between,

Think I'm leaning to trying Go first and building something but tools like Rails and Sinatra mean I will be giving Ruby a go too afterwards