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re: Thank you for the analysis, very cool. The only thing I would question is: It seems folks on dev.on are relatively new to programming #beginner...

No doubt there are experienced engineers here and some very in-depth posts that I have read. I should have been more careful with my reasoning. I think I jumped to conclusion too quickly.

Maybe there are some bias from my own experience after reading popular posts and I put it in the post without too much critics.

Would it be fair to say the community if very beginner friendly?

BTW I am totally not an expert in data science or even statistics. I just thought it's kind of fun to play with the metadata.


My interpretation is that more #beginner posts means we can infer from that one data point that there is more beginner friendly content, rather than more beginner members.

In my experience, the beginner-friendly content is accessible to everyone so has the potential to be 'liked' by both experienced and inexperienced members, while the niche and more in-depth content has a more limited audience.

Hope that doesn't sound like I'm splitting hairs, I really enjoyed the article!

I particularly liked the point about using numbers in a post title and whether that correlates to more likes. Interesting stuff :)

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