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From your local server (Xampp) to Google Cloud VM

My university friend needed help on deploying to GCP, however, it made me such all over the internet until I found a solution. Have decided to share it so it can be of help to some else out there. This is a brief one but will update it with screenshots when I settle down.

In case you have a website or web app developed using HTML template, PHP, and MSQL database, you can freely host it on google cloud with the same setup as your local computer in a few minutes. Let's break down the steps:

  1. Deploy a LAMP Stack VM from the marketplace using Deployment Manager
  2. Navigate into the /var/www/html folder, delete the default index.html file 3. Using SSH connection, connect your VM to your local machine 4. Copy all files in Xampp into VM /var/www/html folder
  3. Access phpmyadmin of the VM by adding /phpmyadmin after its External IP 6. Export local database content to VM database

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