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Courses that I've taken to become a fullStack Developer from complete beginner

In this post I will share with you guys courses that I have taken and found it useful related to my date-to-date work as a developer.

Please take this as a reference only, because your developer job may have many different skills but on the basic level to become a developer these skills will be pretty much help you get there.

I recommend you to open a Github profile and start documenting your journey to become a developer because this would be super helpful for you to land that interview based on your Github alone

1/ The Web Developer Bootcamp 2021 - Colt Steele

This course is good for beginners who don't even know how to code but want to understand on the very basic level of things.

You will learn HTML CSS JavaScript Git API AJAX and many more. This should take your around a few months to finish it and at that point you should know at least the basics of all the things above.

After this you may not know CSS or JS at the level you should be so the next 2 courses will make it up to you.

2/ The Complete JavaScript Course 2021: From Zero to Expert! - Jonas

3/ Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! - Jonas

These 2 courses will bring you CSS and JavaScript to the next level. You will start working on more complicated projects and concepts.

I remembered after these 2 courses I have become so much confident about HTML, CSS, JavaScript. It will lay a solid foundation for you to start learning more complicated courses.

Now you can pick up framework to prepare yourself for real because there are no jobs that you'll use plaint HTML CSS JavaScript. They all use framework or even many frameworks and libraries to get the work done quick and easy.

4/ React - The Complete Guide - Maximilian Schwarzmüller

5/ React Complete React Developer in 2021 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL) - Andrei Neagoie

6/ Modern React with Redux - Stephen Grider

React is one of the most popular library out there and no doubt about that. There are many reasons I choose React like :

  • Huge job market value and demand ( If you are serious about being a developer you should consider this as your first reason )
  • Robust, easy to learn and easy to use
  • Huge community support and ecosystem

There are many other technical reasons but we don't really need to go deep into that right now.

React is so big and to be honest it won't be replace anywhere soon because so many businesses built based on it. So you won't even have to worry about being jobless knowing this ( Ps: compared to Jquery ;) )

After finishing all these courses you should be job ready at least for a FrontEnd position so get yourself out there and looking for jobs because no learning exp is better than working exp.

But we are not done yet ;) So stay tune.

7/ The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition) - Andrew Mead

8/ MERN eCommerce From Scratch - Brad Traversy

It's time for you to start learning more about BackEnd . I recommend you learn NodeJS because you can still use JavaScript which at this point I reckon you are very comfortable with.

These courses will teach you how to build an API, how to communicate between FE and BE, how to make private/public API, how to build a server of some sort and more. Very useful if you are planning become a MERN Developer like me.

After these 2 courses you should be able to understand how FrontEnd work with BackEnd. How to build a FullStack application even at the basic level.

What I will recommend you do right now is go and build a Portfolio that have many projects built and developed by you ( hopefully ). Now you will learn to do stuffs on your own even thou when learning courses you should be able to do it before watching the video to be fair.

All of these courses above along with many hours you spend outside of courses to work on your portfolio and projects that you have developed should take you around a year to be fair. If you finish all of these in 3-4 months you probably flying from video and video and applying ZERO what you're learning so take your time and don't rush even if you have to do another job while doing all of this.



9/ Typescript: The Complete Developer's Guide - Stephen Grider

TypeScript is rising and if you want to go far into your career as a developer. TypeScript won't hurt. Many companies that are hiring developers, they are looking for TypeScript related now. Many high paying developer jobs you will see this skill once every few times.

CI-CD of choice

10/ GitLab CI: Pipelines, CI/CD and DevOps for Beginners - Learn with Valentine

Every single interview they will ask you if you have any experience related to CI-CD of some kind even if that is a junior position. If you are a junior developer they may ignore and accept that you don't know CI-CD. But the longer you work in the industry, it will become compulsory to know and even build pipeline to deploy code.

You can always consider this after you have studied all the things above.

Now I may have taken even more courses and more projects on Youtube or other sources. But all the courses above are what I think will provide for you so much related industrial knowledge.

Developer requirements now are insane. I don't want to be a hater but the story I become a developer for 3 months 6 months always have something behind backing up for them that you don't know. So if you are a complete beginner who don't even know how to code a single line of code. You should take your time and always look out for opportunity to learn and improve yourself.

Now that's all. I hope this blog will help anyone who want to learn about how to become a FullStack Developer. Wish everyone a good day and thank you all.

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