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Discussion on: Rate my resume out of 10.

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Pavel Gurkov

Hello Harsh!
I'm viewing this from a position of an engineer that conducted quite a bit of technical interviews. I was not involved in any hiring process in any other way (well, almost) throughout my experience.
The way it looks is nice, very clean. Well done!
I'm not such a fan of the content though. To me, it doesn't feel self-consistent.
First, you identify yourself as a full-stack webdev, but then you go on talking about design in 'About me'. In my head, full-stack is FE+BE. Well-thought design, usage patterns, UX and all that are separate disciplines from engineering. The way you're putting it, sounds like you're more a designer that can code, than an engineer that can design things.
Second - personally, and maybe your local market situation is not the same - I, and recruiters I do know, don't really care about your education. We've all seen people graduated from great universities that can't do FizzBuzz, as well as people without formal education completely killing it. Unless the position requires a very specific education (like IDK, a surgeon?), I'd prefer "education" section to be collapsed to one line: what degree, which year. Also, it belongs below "experience" section.
Third, the experience section lacks an important part: what did you do while being employed there? What impact did you have? Maybe you helped to save money, or to increase users retention, or make the funnel more effective, or sped up the loading time 2x? Without this, the "experience" section looks like one did their 9 to 5 and there's not much to talk about.
Fourth, skills. I may be nitpicking there, but no way I would include HTML and CSS under this. Like, they're formally languages, but they're not programming languages. If we follow this, then let's put YAML and Markdown on the list. Especially taking into account that you're a web developer. I think HTML/CSS knowledge is pretty implicit here.
Then, you're putting C/C++ and Python before JS. At this point, I'm completely lost. To me, an FSWD is first and foremost is a JS pro, doing JS both client and server side. What did you do with C/C++? Did you write backends in those? If so, you should mention that explicitly. Your job experience mentions only FE roles... I would assume they were both in JS. Maybe put JS on the very top?
Fifth, frameworks. In conjunction with the previous point, it seems strange you're listing only JS frameworks. At this point, I'm not sure how honest were you regarding C/C++ knowledge.
Sixth, on the "projects" section: it doesn't hurt to include the running projects links, but since you're a developer, I'd rather see the source code. Github or similar would do. Also, as a small note: the world is changing, and overall stigmatic view on cannabis seems to be slowly going away, but you have consider it nevertheless. Maybe put something less controversial on the list.

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HARSH VATS Author • Edited

This is the best review of this and I think I would be improving along this.
Thank you so much!
I will send you a personal message with my updates resume.
Thanks again :)

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Pavel Gurkov

Hey Harsh,
I really hope that was useful. Don't hesitate to send me a PM. Keep in mind though, I'm not a pro in this field and all of this is just my opinion.
BTW, with the way you're reacting to this I'd put 'taking feedback' on the list of your soft skills :)