re: What personal privacy/security measures do you take? VIEW POST

  1. Keep up to date
  2. Don't do stupid
  3. Backups
  4. Backups
  5. Backups
  6. Backups
  7. Password Manager
  8. Using the Password Manager
  9. Catch-All Emails to detect and pinpoint leaks (I recommend using a suffix like "-ca" to filter out any spam from Catch-All, google is f.e. "")
  10. U2F
  11. In case 10 fails, 2FA using Google Auth or similar apps
  12. Don't use SMS or DIY-2FA (looking at you Steam)
  13. uMatrix for Malware Domains (not ads)
  14. ABP to block almost malicious ads (enabled acceptable ads because personal reasons)
  15. Backups
  16. Encrypting the important stuff (I don't see the usefulness of fulldisk encryption on anything but portable devices)
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