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2020 Events - Slides, Githubs, and Videos

2020 Events:

Sept 29 - Oct 1 - Apache Con

I have some talks here and I am bringing in some superstars to assist me! It's a dream team of speakers that I will be collaborate with. I will release names when we get closer. So I will be covering Apache MXNet, Apache NiFi, MiNiFi, Apache Flink, Apache Kafka, Apache Hue and Apache Kudu. I would be surprised if Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Apache Phoenix, Apache Zeppelin, Apache Livy

  • Incrementally Streaming RDBMS Data to Your DataLake Automagically

  • Apache Deep Learning 301

  • Using the Mm FLaNK Stack for Edge AI (Apache MXNet, Apache Flink, Apache NiFi, Apache Kafka, Apache Kudu) 0.2

  • Utilizing Apache NiFi and MiNiFi for EdgeAI IoT at Scale

  • Edge to AI: Analytics from Edge to Cloud with Efficient Movement of Machine Data

  • Real-Time Stock Processing With Apache NiFi, Apache Flink and Apache Kafka


October 9 - Ukraine DevOps Stage 2020 11am Ukraine Time - Apache NiFi Talk

Oct 19 - 22. Flink Forward - Mm FLaNK Stack for Edge AI (Flink, NiFi, Kafka, Kudu)

Oct 22 - 1pm EST -

There's a few more coming this year, including Nethope, OSS and Big Data Conference.

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