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Apache NiFi 1.12 Released! 18-August-2020

Apache NiFi 1.12 Released! 18-August-2020

Release Notes


Major Feature List

*Release Date: August 18, 2020. *

Major Features:

  • New processor to write scripted record transforms live in the flow ( ScriptedTransformRecord )
  • Expose a REST Endpoint for easy metric scraping by Prometheus
  • Ability to specify group level flow file concurrency - for instance run a single flow file end to end for traditional job handling
  • Improved several capabilities related to Azure service interaction including *ADLS Gen2 *
  • Improved AMQP and MQTT support as well as JMS improvements
  • Support for latest Kafka 2.6 clients
  • Search UI Improvements

I will be posting a few demos and test drives soon.

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