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May 9th in Streaming

Apache Flink is now in release 1.15! Lots of cool updates.

Apache Hudi 0.11.0 supports Apache Pulsar.

Hey everyone heading to Valencia or Barcelona in mid to late May, reach out.

In this edition, I am preparing for my trip to Spain for KubeCon and Spring IO conferences. There is a lot of cool things going on.


Trino + Iceberg + Apache Pulsar + Apache Flink for BlueCat. Pub-Sub Model Subscription to minimize data after acks. Cost and Ops savings.

Clickhouse May 4th Meetup

10-May-2022. Kotlin.

16/20-May-2022. KubeCon | CloudNativeCon. Valencia, ES.

16-May-2022. DoK (Data on Kubernetes). Serverless Event Streaming Applications as Functions on K8

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May 26-27, 2022

12/14-June-2022. Berlin Buzzwords. Berlin.

14/15-June-2022. We are Developers World Congress. Berlin.

June 15, 2022. Virtual.

June 21, 2022 - Virtual Poland - Data Science Summit: Machine Learning Edition.

July 25-27, 2022. Deep Dive into Building Streaming Applications with Apache Pulsar

June 28, 2022. Data + AI Summit.

August 2022


I added an example with security to send to StreamNative Cloud.

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