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New Release for HDF 3.5.2 and Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub7.2.6 (Public Cloud)

New Release for HDF 3.5.2 and Cloudera Data Flow for Data Hub 7.2.6 (Public Cloud)

There are a lot of major updates for various Cloudera Flow Management releases.

HDF 3.5.2

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- NiFi supports only Hive 1.2.1000, Hive 3.1.0 and Hadoop, HBase and Kafka included in HDP 2.5-HDP3.1.
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This is the final release of HDF. HDF 3.5.2 includes the following components:

  • Apache Ambari 2.7.5
  • Apache Kafka 2.3.1
  • Apache NiFi 1.12.1
  • NiFi Registry 0.8.0
  • Apache Ranger 1.2.0
  • Apache Storm 1.2.1
  • Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.6
  • Apache MiNiFi Java Agent 0.6.0
  • Apache MiNiFi C++ 0.6.0
  • Hortonworks Schema Registry 0.8.1
  • Hortonworks Streaming Analytics Manager 0.6.0
  • Apache Knox 1.0.0
  • SmartSense 1.5.0

Major Updates

  • Apache NiFi updated to 1.12.1 plus fixes and improvements
  • Apache NiFi Registry updated to 0.8.0 plus fixes and improvements
  • System Level Monitoring History
  • Scripted Transform Record processor
  • ListenFTP
  • Support for a record writer in the ListX processors
  • Support for Kafka 2.6
  • ADLS Gen2 processors
  • Flow File Concurrency at Process Group Level
  • Hazelcast implementation for the distributed map cache server
  • Support for version 2 and 3 of the schema encoding with the Schema Registry

Public Cloud Release

CFM 2.0.6 is now running in Cloudera Data Platform Public Cloud version 7.2.6. This version adds Technical Preview support for GCS.

Streams Replication Manager (SRM) is now available in Public Cloud.

SRM can now be provisioned in CDP Public Cloud with Data Hub. The default Streams Messaging cluster definitions are updated to include SRM. SRM can now be deployed in high availability mode.

Cluster Layout

CDP DC Site-to-Site CDP Public Cloud

Google Cloud Tech Preview For NiFi Data Hub

Edge Release

CEM-AGENTS 1.20.11 released with improved MiNiFi C++.

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