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Planning for my final release assignment


Hello everyone, my name is Dustin. Today, I'd like to talk a bit about my plan of what I'm going to with the final assignment in OSD600.


I really feel like working on Telescope issues and stuff as the project's really potential and still has a lot of features waiting to be added.

The reason why I don't choose an external project is because it's gonna take much of my time finding one, and I'm unsure that I can even complete it on time. So instead I go with Telescope because I'm familiar with some aspects of it and it has a great community and an awesome professor who's always willing to offer me support.

Currently, I'm actively looking for issues that are relevant to ENHANCEMENT OR FEATURE, so it would be much of a work for me to do.

One of another reason why I chose Telescope is because it's production ready and has a lot of technologies that are being used for production by many people. If I choose a random project that has a COOL feature waiting to be implemented, I can of course give it a try but it may not have some really cool technologies that I'm looking for in a project.

I just put my names in 2 two issues that are also ENHANCEMENT for the project. The first one is about sharing posts and the second one is posts count in search. Yes, I mean they're small and not meeting the requirement. But I just finished a small fix and still looking for more issues. Apart from that, the sharing posts thing can be expanded more as I can add the feature BOOKMARK posts for authenticated users so that I can come back and read.

Thank you for reading.

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