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Digest #2. Videos from events and online conference platform.


Hope your February is off to a great start!

In case you missed it, we introduced a new feature on Tulula - Videos! 🎬

You can now watch videos from the past events right on Tulula, no need to scout Google or Youtube. We've already added over 10 000 videos for 340 conferences and keep going.

If the conference is new and there are no videos yet - no worries! Hit "Get Videos" button on the event page, and we will notify you as soon as the videos become available.😎


What's next?

🕵️‍♀️The search experience on will be much, much better with the new elastic search we are currently finalizing. No more missed events!

🦄We are working on the brand new platform for online events. Please check our landing page and let us know what you think! We started working on it because we met so many people who cannot attend the conferences in person. That's not fair, and we want to change it!

Your feedback is super important to us, as we are working on new features. If you have something to share, please reply to this email.

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