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Well this is happening already with WebAssembly, I'm not on top of the news when it comes to WA, but as long as you can produce ways to interop WA libraries between languages, it will be fine. For example let's say someone wrote a WA Lib on rust and I want to consume it in my C# App or Elm App (all of them are targeting the browser with WA) in my opinion there should be no hassle on doing so.

Why? well simply because the sole reason javascript has the vast amount of libraries and tools and such a great ecosystem is because everything is interoperable between it (yeah it's a sole language I get it).

But if we start doing WA and we can't have interoperation I think it will bring some harm into the web landscape and cause fragmentation, and niche positions along the industry, and the mainstream development may not be javascript but I believe it will settle down on a main language (resembling how today there is a lot Compile to javascript stuff)

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