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I find the So moderators community one of the most toxic of all times, I tried posting twice and answering twice too, but there was always someone better than you to modify the contents as a way they please and bash you in the same way, I never tried again, too toxic in my experience


It's not a personal against you, it's documentation. It should follow the usual practices to be understood by any developer as fast as possible without having to take in consideration personal preferences like coding indentation and funny styling...
For .NET, questions modifications regarding style formatting follows the rules proposed by microsoft regarding code clarity and usual good practices to follow (stylecop). Should be the same for your case.


Yes I understand the reasons behind a good question, and why often questions are flagged as not appropriate, I like to receive feedback the bad thing is receiving feedback in a manner that looks like "I know better, and I know better what you want than you" while that might be the case it's just about communicating that instead of just exercising authority. And Also I know a pair of moderators shouldn't change my opinion of an entire community, but I'm not the only one nor the last that will have a similar opinion on the matter

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