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Cool post! I actually like it a lot.

I never understood why people like to torture themselves that much
what I did (still do actually) was to learn one, and then follow social media of other frameworks that way I could keep up with the news but not necessarily learn the framework.
If I ever needed it on the work well...
I already knew what's the community focus and finish to learn stuff around that focus (actually you can learn a lot from the news of a framework)

wanting to know what's on the environment doesn't mean you should learn everything on the environment

Just like nature enthusiasts, you don't need to study a biology career to know a bit/read about nature, same thing with fishing, carpentry
once you need it then you can focus on the subject


Yeah, you should never stop learning!

One part for me of development (now) is to also build not just learn.

I learned (ha! pun intended) that if you only learn frameworks you will never be great because you just know the theory but actually never build anything :)

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