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F# was the hardest thing for me I started with it in 2015 while I got the ideas of FP and actually helped me a lot to improve my javascript I couldn't just write meaningful stuff in F# I was back and forth over the years. It wasn't until recently I found out a web framework similar to express (Giraffe) which helped me to finally write and grasp that stuff I could write was kind of similar to what I had done previously in javascript

Things I'm still struggling with:

  1. Rust
  2. The "recent" MVU Pattern (popularized by elmlang)

Rust in the sense that I still don't feel like I'm writing meaningful code with it though I'm in the phase of being away from it, perhaps I'll come closer to it next year.
And MVU pattern kind of I get the idea, but I don't get the idea on how to work with multiple views like in a SPA

Functional concepts are nice, and I can apply some of them (Not all I don't like the purist approach to it) in my javascript code where it makes sense but on other languages it is just so enforced takes me out of my mental model sometimes

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