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Nice post, even if I've been using typescript almost since it came out I always get bitten by these kinds of issues

What I tried to do to prevent these issues is to favor interfaces vs classes
whenever I know I'm dealing with an object or data manipulation I try to use interfaces but for functionality (views or viewmodels) I do try to favor classes.


Ditto. This whole issue could be prevented by favoring a data-oriented approach. In other words, don’t mix behavior (functions) and state (primitive properties).

So simply represent the data coming back as interface of json data and move faster. :)


I agree. I would prefer to not create model classes that have methods for synchronizing with a server like the TypeScript TodoItem class in this example.

However, code like this is still seen in the wild, and I wanted a simple example. In fact, it's very common practice albeit not a good one to use ORMs on the server-side.

Your comments brings up some very valid points for discussion of code quality and software architecture.

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