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Here is my desk! I've got a 27" iMac with two extra 27" monitors on either side, all on a 48" wide Varidesk. Not as tidy as it could be, but I'm in heaven with all the screen real estate.

Tom VanAntwerp's desk.


This is my dream desk. Saw in real life.


Make the light setup dark and This can look like a holy BatCave. Well done batman. 😁


That's some serious setup!


may i know what keyboard you are using please ?


I've upgraded to a Keychron K1 since this photo was taken. Here was just a cheap Ajazz AK33 I got on Aliexpress for maybe $30. I found it a good entry level mechanical keyboard, though it was laid out for Windows rather than MacOS.


You must be a hacker.


Oh I am jealous of all those screens!!!


I need this in my life

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