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A Website for Puzzle Hunts

twbrianho profile image Brian Ho ・1 min read

The Project

I'm a massive fan of puzzle hunts. I participate in every event I can attend, from MIT Mystery Hunt to the local museum's puzzle night. However, most big puzzle hunts only come around once per year, and that's far too long for me to bear. That's why I built YukiHunt.

YukiHunt is a website centered around puzzle-hunt type puzzles. It is a community for both fans of puzzle hunts who are bored between events, and newcomers who are interested in trying out puzzle hunts but don't know where to start. The intention is for it to be an easy-going and approachable website that shares the amazing world of puzzles with... well, the world!

Live Site!

Messy GitHub!

YukiHunt is hosted on Heroku (on a hobby dyno paid for by GitHub's Student Developer Pack! Thanks GitHub!); the backend is completely Django, and I am in love with how simple everything is; as for its look, I absolutely abuse Tailwind CSS, but other than that it's pretty vanilla as far as frontends go! (Not even a Bootstrap in sight!)


I have a lot of exciting plans for YukiHunt, which should keep me plenty busy until my retirement days — and isn't that the dream? To always have something you're excited to build and share with the world. Just what more could a nerd ask for :)

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