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re: Thanks for sharing your experience Christian! I can see that you aren't satisfied totally with the interview process at your company, so let me a...

I thought I'd pitch in one of my favorite interviews I've experienced. It was a remote interview, for an on-site position. It started with a Skype call in which the interviewer gave me a coderpad, explained the problem I was to be solving, let me ask any clarifying questions, told me I had 30 minutes, and then, get this, he ended the call. I was free to code and Google to my heart's content unsupervised!

There was no panic when I mistyped, no awkwardness when I had to Google something simple. None of that.

At the end of my time, we started the call again and I explained my approach and answered a few questions about it. I really really liked this approach because it was so low stress, but also because I think it showed that I could take a spec and work relatively independently on it, which is more or less what the job usually is anyway.

However, I don't know if this alone is enough for an interview. You probably also want to know if you can work with someone amiably, and I don't know if this method accurately shows that.

It's all tradeoffs ('-')/

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