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Discussion on: Introducing Handsfree.js - Integrate hand, face, and pose gestures to your frontend šŸ–šŸ‘€šŸ–

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Tyler Carroll

Iā€™m a noob who will be building a portfolio in the next few months and I would LOVE to have a project in there made with handsfree.js! However, idk what would be plausible for someone with limited experience to make. Any ideas? Amazing lib btw!!!

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Oz Ramos Author

Hi that would be amazing and also great question! The thing is there are so many applications so it's hard to suggest something šŸ˜… how I go about it is to just making something as normal (where you can use with mouse and keyboard) and then make it next batch of plugins will emit mouse and keyboard events, so you wouldn't even really need to do much with Handsfree.js other than to listen to the events in your app as you would any other mouse or keyboard event

I know how vague that response was šŸ˜… I'll end my next series of posts with an "Ideas" section to help you pick a direction to try and I'll include more boilerplate code and samples.

Thanks for the question and have fun with your portfolio!