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re: I can't get past that 80 percent of websites are still using php

It's wild, right? I imagine a lot of it is maintaining legacy applications. But as someone who has done a lot of WordPress development and uses Laravel from time-to-time, I can tell you that the PHP community is still really active.

Taylor Otwell–the guy behind Laravel–announced on Twitter not too long ago that he's made $10 million on software in the past five years, and I think most of those were just paid tools related to Laravel. It's hard to imagine those kinds of numbers if PHP weren't thriving.

I also think about this tweet sometimes 😅


Is Taylor misdirection around revenue vs profit?

I don't think he had any misdirection. The word he used was 'sold.' I probably should have used the same world as well. It's still a big chunk of change. Here's his tweet:

1) Most people still won't understand. Indignantly repeating yourself does nothing to change that. Your own assertion it's a big chunk of change seems to indicate you don't understand it.
2) It's a worthless statement without knowing how much was spent + how much time to get such a figure or what the distribution is.

Knowing how much one guy has sold, doesn't tell you anything about the viability of investment. If you're a programmer you need to understand investment in order to understand sustainability and suitability.

7 years of data in github.com/laravel/laravel/graphs/... suggests > 400 people have contributed just to the core project. Not to count the blog posts, services provided.

I'd sooner get to know the viability of an ecosystem for all those involved with a multi-modal distribution rather than see how it's benefited one individual

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