Why React Hooks?

Tyler McGinnis on July 30, 2019

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Thank you so much. This is the kind of articles that i like to read, knows the why and how is the main idea to finally understand why this thinks are designed.


I adore hooks, but do kinda wish more people were glomming onto the handleEvent bandwagon with all the cool artsy lonely developers who are technically correct and writing h*ckin' fast JavaScript, but who are not popularly correct — the best kind of correct.

Also, I like the facebait.


Two things:

  1. Don't listen to Sebastien Barre! I like you face. (I know he's half-joking though.)

  2. I already am subscribed to you on YouTube; I think this is a pretty neat use of this platform! Following a tutorial is easier in text, and I appreciate the write-up :)


Thanks for the support! I like my face too 😂


This is fantastic Tyler! Thank you for taking the time to dive into the history behind it all.


Very nice explanation of the motivation for why to use them. They are definitely more than just a shiny new addition to the library.


Definitely. I think the closing paragraph sums it up nicely - "The marketing pitch for Hooks is that you’re able to use state inside function components. In reality, Hooks are much more than that. They’re about improved code reuse, composition, and better defaults."


Pretty much everything I read for weeks before getting started were all about the why, and benefits.

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