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Discussion on: Junior Developers Should Start A Technical Blog Early In Their Career

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Tinh Huynh

Thanks, I created my own WordPress-based blog when still in the college after inspired by many great technical articles written by professional programmers. Recently, I have just graduated and worked for a local company for a few months and written blog in any free time.
So guys, if you are a Junior dev or college student, just do write blogs. You don't need to write about only technical, IT stuff, you can write whatever you want: life experience, lifestyle tips, opinion about surrounding events,...
If you run out of an idea to write, you can ask an author for translating his/her articles into English or your native language, you can put the original link in your one.
You don't need your blog to show off with recruiters, just practice writing skills because it helps you a lot in writing a document, technical guidelines, search skills (for explaining concepts in your blog) and learn something from searching stuff.
Thank you for reading my bad comment lol

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Rachel Soderberg Author

Great comment! I love when people opt to write about their personal experiences and lifestyle tips as a portion of their technical blog. We are complex people with many aspects to our lives! Seeing the other layers of people is incredibly interesting.