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A whole new world to explore

Photo by sergio souza on Unsplash

In 2018 the Typeform crew had the pleasure to meet some of you at conferences like Nordic APIs, or JS Heroes, or hackathons like HackUPC in Barcelona, or Hackference in Birmingham. It’s always great to meet users and partners at those events. You help us build the future of Typeform and its platform 🤩

I can tell you that for 2019, from where we are we have a new fantastic point of view, the head full of ideas and no one to tell us no. A hundred thousand things to see and as many dazzling places we never knew we wanted to visit…

The only thing that’s crystal clear is that now we are in a whole new world with you, our beloved Developer Community!

So let’s get this year started, hop on this magic carpet ride together, and let’s check out our next destinations.

We will begin our adventure by going to Boulder for a few events:

🇺🇸 BoulderJS meetup, Boulder

20th February 2019

For the first step of our Boulder trip, we will stop by BoulderJS meetup, meeting the local Javascript community.

I will be sharing my experience building my first app using Vue.js, when I created https://🌚🌞.ws to track events for the 2018 Solar Eclipse.

🎟️ Register (FREE)

🇺🇸WriteTheDocs Boulder

21st February 2019

WriteTheDoc is a global community of tech writers. Last year we participated in their sister events API the docs in Paris and London. It’s a great pleasure to be welcomed by the Boulder local group to exchange about documentation and Developer Experience best practices.

I will be presenting about best practices on Developer Experience on Webhooks.

🎟️ Register (FREE)

🇺🇸Typeform Office Hours

While we will be in Boulder, we thought we wanted to meet our lovely users. That’s why we are organizing some Office Hours on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd.

It’s your opportunity to come meet us and come with your questions about Typeform product.

We will be here to assist you, especially if you are interested to build things using our APIs.

🎟 ️Signup here (FREE)

🇺🇸HackCU, Boulder

23–24th February

We don’t sponsor a lot of student hackathons but when we do, but do it’s because we have a special connection with their team. We are delighted to visit Gerard Sans founder of HackUPC and now a master student at CU-Boulder and Shubha Sharma, our summer intern in senior year in the same university. They are part of the outstanding team organizing HackCU.

Can’t wait to see what hackers will build!

🇪🇸API Meetup BCN, Barcelona

28th February

It now has been more than 10 years that Barcelona has been selected to be the Mobile Capital of the World for a week every year. During a week more than 100 thousand people will come from all over the world to discuss the newest trends in technology.

Taking the opportunity of all those folks coming to Barcelona, the local API meetup is hosting their annual MWC meetup and we are excited to host it in our HQ! Join us for a night of API nerding! 🤓

🎟️ Register (FREE)

🇪🇸Women Techmakers, Barcelona

6th April

You still have a bit of time to get ready, but we are beyond excited to be part of the second edition of the Women Techmarkers conference in Barcelona.

🔗 Learn more

I really hope you have a chance to catch us at one of those events! Remember, if you are organizing a meetup, a conference, a hackathon or an AI-powered ostrich race, and you want someone from Typeform to show up, let us know by filling the this typeform.

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