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Discussion on: Job Search Update: 😔

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ah, that sucks. Last summer I sent over 100 CVs not even kidding. but you know, when I eventually found a right fit - nailed the interview process. bad experience only makes you stronger, keep your hopes up. cheers

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James Cox Author

Thanks! I did the same last summer, firing off applications left and right, then sitting back and hoping for a response. Which did NOT work for me at all. Since then I have changed my approach. I look for jobs I'm interested in, and then seek out someone at the company and contact them directly about it.

I haven't landed a job yet with this strategy, BUT I have made some killer connections and legitimate friendships along the way. And more importantly, I have improved my mental health. I feel more in control of my self worth/value and how I structure my day. It's a much better mental state to be in!