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How I get to my goals

Hello to this brilliant community. This is my first post and I am not an English speaker, sorry for any grammatical problems.

I would like to share how I begin my journey to computer science.

Programming owned my heart

I was drawn to programming stuffs when I was around 14-15 years old. I don't remember what actually drove me to get into software development that time, but every time I think about softwares, I believe that I could also make one.

My first programming language was C, which learned from a very old textbook I borrowed from my middle school teacher. When I compiled my very first program Hello World, I thought I was like a god. I can create anything that works.

Programming owned my heart. I was a lazy student in class that I can almost failed on any subjects, but my teacher told me that I should get a good grade on science-stream subjects especially maths so I can enter Computer Science in university. That was the first time I truly try to change myself, I studied hard on maths. The only goal was: I want to study Computer Science.

As a university student now

I achieved my first goal and is a Computer Science student. I found I have limited amount of time everyday besides study/homework time. I asked myself: How can I keep pursuing knowledge aside of school things?

I learnt to manage my time, set my daily/weekly tasks and control my time spending. This does hugely improve the efficiency of doing anything so that I won't be able to waste too much time on something that won't do any benefits.

Studying in university has widened my knowledge view that we are not only to code, but learnt there is many things to consider and to drive you to code. Studying is not for grades, but for how you smart use the knowledge to solve current issues. This is the most valuable thing you can get in university.

If you are also a student like me, I encourage you to treasure your every second on pursuing what you like. What got you here, where do you want to go, this would be your life direction. Grasp it, it is your golden age in your lifetime.

What is my current plan?

I am currently interested on Deep Neural Network and Stochastic Computing, and just started to study them. Hope one day I can use them for something useful.

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