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Discussion on: Which programming language would you start with and why?

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I was about to re-phrase your response into another version of the original question: "What language of the 50 you have used, solved more of the problems than others?"
But then I realised the error of putting things that way because that would be imprinting a solution not appropriate for the task just based on that 50? What do we do for case 51 boss?

When we implement a language we are bringing into being the perceptions of the person that created the language, who did so for a purpose presumably because nothing was in existence at the time.

But has someone else since addressed a core concern of management level types ? and that quite like would included this: "Is this code solution able to be understood by new or replacement staff in the future, with the orginal coder no longer present?" So eventually Language creators try to accommodate that aspect and make their language cover as many cases as possible in an attempt to make it universal in it's ability to solve.

Sometimes I wonder if they are 'universalising' our perceptions instead with smoke and mirrors on the task at hand to accept their offering. The real first tool to reach for might well be some literary work that engages critical thinking in us.

I wouldn't like my mechanic to service my car with just a few tools. They may cite their skill is so high they can fix anything with a roll of barbed wire and pliers. I think you'd be politely saying good by to that workshop.

I love using Forth, the RPN nature of it alone puts my mind into a relaxed state. From there I might see something in the problem that represents my perception of how to use leadership to bring the outside world to effective and productive satisfaction. But I would not foist it upon the people who contracted me, so I have to find a language that translates my perception faithfully into what it does, and submit my account.

And therein the original question rears it's head. "which one"?