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Discussion on: How would you handle a conversation with someone who thinks "respecting an opinion" means "agreeing with it"?

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MiAn • Edited

Just quietly diarise what you can after his response:

Dev: uses Github's "suggestion" feature to suggest a code change that uses FunctionB instead of FunctionA
Me: That's not necessary here, because X and Y (link to language specification)

but don't make an assertive statement yet. You should ask " Is that necessary here ... ? "

and when things go pear-shaped down the track, refer to this out as evidence as WillSmart suggests. You will have more experience by this time, not only in code but in office relations.

Your manager needs to bear in mind that in a room of 100 people, 99 people saying X doesn't make it right. It can be that 1 person saying Y that produces a 'turnaround' that matches the buying public's perception of " well this is new" with dollars following.

But only if it is clear that Y is the right answer! Don't become an argumentative trailblazer either.

The close of your final statement is also telling: ".. to yield a more positive outcome". I think you did quite well given the above, including Jason's advice. But "outcome" is probably still in incubation, other dev's prediction might come true but in a change of manager, not language.

Just bide your time quietly.