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Uffizio Goes All The Way To Gitex 2019 Dubai

We have great news to share! Uffizio will be participating at the Middle East, North Africa & South Asia’s biggest technology event, GITEX Technology Week, from 6-10 October 2019 at Dubai World Trade Centre and we would love to meet you there and talk to you about our latest products and solutions.

Events like these are a great place for professionals to meet, demonstrating our products and solutions to the world leaders will be a great honour. For us, it’s also a tremendous opportunity to meet new potential partners in the region as well as strengthen ties with existing partners.

We’re excited about representing our company on the global stage and going head to head with our competition. Meeting our stand guests to hear about their business needs and explaining how Uffizio can help them to grow more.

Our Advance Fleet Management Platform is just a glance at the exciting technologies that we will be proudly presenting at the event.

Here are the few glimpses of Advance features offered by Uffizio at GITEX 2019
Eco-Driving: is an efficient and effective system that guides you to improvise driving behavior and reduce fuel usage. It corrects the driver unconscious, reduces the excessive acceleration during the start off and in of the vehicle.

Fuel Monitoring: it helps you to know when and how much fuel was consumed from the vehicle and generates immediate notifications and alerts.

Video Telematics: it gathers data from sensors and recordings, then analyses the information and provides an effective result, which helps the companies to take necessary steps if required.

Digital Tachograph: is a device fitted in the vehicle which is used to record the driving time, speed of the vehicle, distance covered and the overall driving activity.

On-Board Diagnostics (OBD): is a computer-based system designed to reduce emissions by monitoring the working structure of major components of the engine.

Maintenance Reminder: this feature provides complete fleet health monitoring solutions and generates alerts for various fleet maintenance activities.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Software: Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a modern-day electronic framework designed to monitor the tire air pressure of your fleets or vehicles.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS): it is an electronic system which automates, study and adopts the vehicle driving pattern. It acts as an automatic co-pilot of your vehicle.

Meet Us:
We look forward to welcoming you at our stand, Z2-1, located in ZABEEL HALL.

You can read more about the show at GITEX 2019.

Hope to see you soon!

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