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9 Web Development Trends that will Dominate 2019

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In their quest to improve their business and cut through the noise, companies are perfecting their websites to attract more visitors and give the audience a great user and visual experience.

In 2018, we saw the rise of cryptocurrencies, chat bots, and augmented reality. What does 2019 entail for web developers and businesses?

Here are the top web development trends that will dominate 2019.

1. Single page websites

Single Page website

Most people don’t like to run around pages looking for what they want. Next year, there will be more one –page websites. The main trend will be simpler user navigation, convenience, and speed.

2. Adaptive Designs

There are no signs that the number of smartphone users worldwide will decrease. Next year, more businesses will see to it that they have an adaptable website. It should be mobile and tablet friendly. People have declined using computers. It has become a universal rule for websites to become adaptive.

Adaptive Designs

3. More Illustrations

Though there’s a certain rule that less is more. In 2019, the trend forecasted is that businesses will be keener towards graphic-heavy websites. More illustrations equals to a better user experience.

More Illustrations

Businesses will do whatever it takes to capture the attention of web visitors.

4. Javascript and PHP 7 powered websites

Javascript and PHP 7 powered websites

These are the two most commonly used languages by web developers. In 2019, it will be possible to group import ads, anonymous classes, syntax of escape code for Unicode, and many more additional features. Web developers can begin to update now, as PHP has also increased the site performance.

5. Forms in different shapes, sizes

Contact us form

Most websites have changed to a soft interface, from a structured and angle format. Web designers have also created diverse forms – in different shapes, colors, and figures.

6. Typography


The next year will witness websites with creative typography – a feature commonly disregarded when developing a website. From sans-serif fonts of yesterday, comes today’s creative, funky, and attention-grabbing typography in websites.

7. Multimedia Longreads

Multimedia Longreads

Before, a longread consists of a whole chunk of text and some photos. This 2019, a longread will turn into an illustration-heavy page – a combination of texts, photos, and graphics.

The aim for Longread in 2019 is to make text less, and visuals, more.

8. Alternative design

Alternative website design

A unique web design is the best asset any company can have. Web designers will push to create a design that is unique and pushes the boundaries.

9. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency design

Cryptocurrency trend will not die this 2019. The trading platform, P2P exchanges, and other digital blockchain products will continue to flourish.
Experts predict there will be a smart contract language for creating their own cryptocurrency.

10. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web applications are largely dependent on three languages: JS, HTML, and CSS. These aim to stimulate conversion and customer loyalty.

More websites will become fully adaptive to a smart device and is enabled for independent updates.

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