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Released 1.5

Unicorn is matchmaking platform focused on tech field, helps Developers find jobs they love. Companies apply to candidates, focus on quality jobs and candidates.
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This week was quite a busy week over at We made several deployments and updates.

A summary of what has been done:

Massive mobile optimizations
Deployment of Cloudfare
New Terms of Use for Employers/Companies
New Terms of Use for Talents/Candidates
Calendly integration
Deployed the first version of the German version of (beta)
Frontend Country translations based on the language selected
Pushed across
Implemented Pro-sitemaps
Integrated Whatsapp Chat widget
Created a Reddit subreddit
Created a Medium channel
Automated submissions of new blog articles on Telegram
This is a details of the change log we have updated.

[1.5.1] — 2020–01–17 [stable]
– Mobile optimization of the lists
– Mobile optimization of the footer
– Mobile optimization of the homepage
– Mobile optimization of the talent page
– Mobile optimization of the employer page

[1.5.0] — 2020–01–17 [stable]
– Deployed Cloudflare
– Deployed new Terms of Use for Employers/Companies
– Deployed new Terms of Use for Talents/Candidates
– Added Whatsapp Chat Integration with support from 9:00–21:00 EET
– Added direct links to ToU for Employers/Candidates signup page
– Added direct links to ToU for Talents/Companies signup page
– Removed hardcoded urls, replace with global var in index and hire
– Updated translations (en/de/fr)
– Other bug fixes

[1.4.9] — 2020–01–16
– Fixed an issue with c++ and .net urls in /cvs /resumes
– Updated the translation files
– Added Calendly integration for talents
– Added Calendly integration for employers
– Added employer.registration.light to fast track Employers’ registration
– Added medium link in footer
– Other bug fixes

[1.4.8] — 2020–01–15 [stable]
– Fixed an issue with c++ and .net urls in /cvs /resumes
– Optimized remote.talent.upload-avatar in post to wait for success response before redirecting
– Optimized getOGImage()
– Fixed display issue in grid for location (after adding
– Fixed sitemap issues
– Added Person on grid
– Added icons as global
– Added generateSchema()
– Added generateSchemaPerson
– Added uploadProfilePictureRemote()
– Other bug fixes

[1.4.7] — 2020–01–14 [stable]
– Made the grid under search results, mobile friendly
– Fixed translation issues in grid under search results based on the language you selected
– Fixed translation issues in list element
– Added Reddit subreddit in footer
– Added console() function
– Other bug fixes

[1.4.6] — 2020–01–14
– Added WP-Rocket Plugin on blog
– Added WP-Telegram Plugin on blog
– Added Linkedin Pixel
– PBX Update for all properties
– Massive title additions across the website
– Started auto-translation of Country/Countries on Grid/Core
– .htaccess modifications
– Deployed German version
– Updated international translations (fr/en/de)
– New security measures
– Added Kosovo ISO code XK
– Footer — Added Shop and Support
– Other bug fixes

The road ahead is still long, but we will keep working hard on making this project a success.

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