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Lagoon 2.0.0 released

After what seems like an eternity, Lagoon has finally had its 2.0.0 stable release.

When we first put the 2.0.0-alpha.1 tag into the world, we'd already made over 350 updates to the Lagoon 1.x codebase, and since that release, we've made almost 800 more updates across 150 pull requests to get to this point.

This 2.0.0 release is a significant moment for us - even though we foreshadowed it slightly in our late June post. Most importantly, the legacy Lagoon codebase (that runs only on OpenShift) is no longer supported, and that repository has now been archived.

From now on we'll follow a usual major/minor/patch scheme for Lagoon, So up next is Lagoon 2.1 - which we're already working on, as well as a vision for what Lagoon 3 could look like!

We took the opportunity in this release to trial a new security advisory process, using the built-in GitHub tooling (it's pretty neat!).

Of note is that the lagoon-charts are still in the 0.x major version range - this is because there is a significant breaking change on the horizon to make them compatible with Kubernetes. The release for that will be the first 1.x release of the charts.

We've also done a heap of work in the other Lagoon components:

  • the examples are starting to develop nicely - and with more tests than ever!
  • the images now have a settled monthly release cadence, with automated updates and tests
  • the other tools lagoon-cli and lagoon-sync are also being updated and developed, expect to hear more from us soon on them too!

Thanks to all the team that have brought this together, and to all our users for their patience, support and willingness to help us test and build together!

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