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Documenting E-Payment Development

Introduction & Motivation

Since I started learning programming, I've been very interested in the fintech industry. Having a solid accounting experience and coming from MBA into software, I decided few weeks ago to start building my demo e-payment solution. And I will be documenting it here.

I know this is probably going no where. But I am building it for myself rather than to make it into production. But I will try as much as possible to keep it solid.

My hope is one day I can engage in the Fintech industry and contribute to it.

The Tech Stack

I am going to use Golang for the backend, React Native for the mobile app and React for the web app.

I will use Figma for the UI design and branding.

Please let me know if you are interesting to see the progress and the result. This will give me some motivation.

In the next post I will post about the scope, design and branding.

See you then.

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