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Dotnet standard package to convert OData query to SQL query when DB schema is dynamic and hence using entity framework or IQueryable is NOT trivial.


Dotnet NuGet package to convert OData query to SQL query when the data model is dynamic and hence entity framework or any other ORM with IQuerable support cannot be used In a multi-tenant enterprise or Saas applications, the data model is usually not fixed (dynamic).

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Example Scenario

Let's consider you are building a Saas application for project and issue tracking, similar to Jira Development teams and organizations track issues differently, to personalize and measure their agile process.
Your Saas application provides this by allowing tenants to add properties(columns) to existing object types(tables) or create completely new object types, it further allows querying new object types and filtering using new properties through an OData service.

Contoso Inc, one of your tenant

  • Adds a boolean property Internal to Issue object. It is used to track internal vs…


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