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Zen Music Player | Javascript Build

vaishnavme profile image Vaishnav Updated on ・1 min read

Hey Everyone, I started with Project based learning. Idea is to build project, at every step of your learning.

I set myself goal:

For every weekend, I try working on new project or write a blog.

This weekend I bulit Music Player using Vanilla Javascript. This is how it turns out...

Zen Music PLayer

Live Demo
Source Code

Give it try...
If you made your version of Record player do tag me. I love to see your version.
It would really great to hear your Feedback and Suggestions 😃.

Let's Connect 😄

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arsalabangash profile image
Arsala Grey

This is beautiful. Thank you for licensing it under MIT. I'd love to use it on my website. I like that you're into project-based learning. You seem to have been very successful with it by the looks of your Github, and I would love to mentor you in full stack web development :D Let's find a time over at

sudhanshut profile image

nice i like this concept 😃

vaishnavme profile image
chaycek profile image

awesome, really like the layout and responsiveness! great music too

vaishnavme profile image
Vaishnav Author

Thank you 😃

ali_hassan_313 profile image
Ali Hassan

It's awesome

vaishnavme profile image