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Discussion on: Do tattoos influence the probability of getting hired?

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Valentin Baca

It's all about company culture.

In Dallas, the dress code was so strict that even on "casual Fridays" the specifications on jeans filled half a page. Needless to say, visible tattoos were a no-go.

In Seattle, when I asked about dress code I got laughed off and told "um, just please wear clothes?? lol"

I'm personally planning on getting an upper arm tattoo as a happy medium of not-totally-hiding it but also not-distracting for others.

Overall, I'm much less concerned about discrimination based on my conscious decisions than I am about discrimination about fundamental things about myself that I do not choose (and would not choose otherwise anyway!), like race and sexual orientation. (And I'm sure you are too based on your bio but just wanted to clarify for the record.)

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Jan De Dobbeleer Author

I had the same plan (starting with an upper sleeve), 5 years later I went for the entire sleeve anyway as that's what I always wanted to have.