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What mnemonic devices do you use in programming?

I use a few "cute" mnemonics when there are some things I just can't remember and I'm curious as to what ones other people use.

For example:

For grep, I usually can't remember if the pattern comes first or the file, so I think of my mother-in-law who cross stitches and the "pattern files" she uses: grep <pattern> <file>

For find, similarly, I think of "location flags" planted in the world:
find <location> <flags>

Of course, tldr is the real hero here.

For markdown links, I usually can't remember if it's [text](link) or (text)[link], but b comes before p, so brackets come before parenthesis.

Share yours!

P.S. The worst "anti-mnemonic" is how in Vim gg goes to the beginning of the file, but in Starcraft, you always say "gg" at the END of the game :P

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