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Discussion on: I've Built Test Automation for 20 Years, Ask Me Anything!

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Vamsi • Edited on

Hey thanks for the AMA. What do you think about having TDD(unit tests) Vs testing after writing code(manual and E2E automation). Do you think it's more cost effective to have TDD rather than testing after writing code?

On a broader level how do you think the testing is evolved from when you started working? And what practice would you recommend?

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Burdette Lamar Ask Me Anything

Unit testing is essential, whether TDD or a little more tardy. For my GitHub projects and their gems, I almost always do TDD (but sometimes I'm a little tardy).

Most agree that some manual testing is also essential, especially exploratory testing.

I'm not a fan of E2E, but instead prefer crafty testing of the segments along the E2E path. E2E is expensive to build, often runs slowly, and can make errors difficult to isolate.