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A Simple Arduino Project

Why this ?

We are now living in the 21st century. Now, smart phone has become the most essential thing in our daily life.
Android application based smart phones are becoming each time more powerful and equipped with several accessories that are useful for Robots.
This project describes how to control a robot car using mobile through Bluetooth communication, some features about Bluetooth technology, components of the mobile and robot.

Working of the Project ?

The working principle is kept as simple as possible. The working principle of the circuit has been elaborated with the help of a block diagram, of the system interconnection. A DC power supply is required to run the system. The DC power supple feeds the Microcontroller and the Bluetooth module.

The Bluetooth module receives the signal sent from an android smart-phone, where the application software coded in C language is installed. The microcontroller, thereby, sends instructions, which when executed, helps in functioning of the motor driver.

Alt Text

When a key is pressed, the corresponding data is transmitted to the Bluetooth Module from the Phone over Bluetooth Communication. The movement and functioning of the motor can be controlled by using the android based application software.

In our android application base Bluetooth controlled robotic car, the user interacts with the system with a smart phone. In this method user must be present within in range (< 15 meters) to control the system.

Demo ?

This is how it works, this can be further developed in order to use for different purposes.

  • We can interface sensors to this robot so that it can monitor some parameters. We can add wireless camera to this robot.
  • Can be developed to provide an easier life for the disabled. They can be used by Physically Challenged people to helm their robot around their space.
  •  The basic advantage of this system is its wide interface that can be controlled with help of Android Mobile from a few feet away, and also that the whole system syncs itself with the driver’s electronic devices, thus giving him/her greater accessibility.

Need more details ?

As a student developer, I would like to share this whole project at free of cost including the project reports, PPTs, code and related guidelines.

For more details : Click Here

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Your project is very good! I also made a DIY Robotic car few months back and I used MIT app inventor for Joystick Module. If you want to work with me on hand gesture robotic car project e-mail me on-