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About Project :

The aim of this project is to make Billing management much easier for Business Enterprises. In this project, we have developed a “ Web-based Billing Software ” which is an application to automate the process of billing and managing a departmental store.

Objective :

The main objective of this project is to generate and manage invoices in a matter of few seconds in order to avoid a lot of paperwork and Time consuming process by managing huge data manually. This project benefits owners of enterprises as well as customers. This software allows to maintain all the products with their shorthand notation by providing summary reports to the owner, which gives a convenient solution to the billing pattern with a Secured User Authentication and Validation. And also user Giveaway generator whenever offers or discounts are available.

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Required Files :

Project Report : Click Here

SRS Document : Click Here

Project Presentation : Click Here

UML Diagrams : Click Here

Source Code : Click Here

Tools/ Technology needed Description and uses
HTML 5 Appearance of website.
CSS 3 Adding style and presentation to the web-pages.
JavaScript Adding interactive user behavior to web pages.
Lucidchart A web-based proprietary platform to collaborate on drawing charts and diagrams.
Bootstrap v4.0 Front-end framework used for UI.
PHP Server side programming and interactive with phpMyAdmin.
MySQL For the purpose of a web database and logging application.
phpMyAdmin Management of databases, tables, indexes, permissions.
GITHUB Web-based platform used for working with our Team; Team collaboration.
Visual Studio Code A code editor redefined, optimized for building, debugging web apps.
XAMPP A local web server on PC.
Chrome A cross-platform web browser
Windows 10 An operating system for building apps
PC / Laptop Intel based processor-run computer system, which have keyboard and mouse as input devices.

PROJECT DEMO : Click here

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