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Hotel Key Management

Hotel Room Locking System - Affine Hotels

Security is one of the primary concerns for customers in a hotel. Traditional lock and key systems are exposed to a lack of safety to our belongings.

This project aims at creating a hotel room locking system for the guests who wish to have a secure stay. Access control is the basis for the automation of hotels and apartments in the current time. An efficient method of generating a unique encrypted password for each guest ensures tight security and reduces the risk of robbery. It is implemented as a graphical user interface system that involves locking and unlocking of the hotel room door through room-key security swiping machine.

Access to the room is granted only if the guest swipes his key and enters the password which was generated uniquely for him. The generation of this particular password is done for the first time when he books the hotel room. It involves the concepts of affine cipher encryption. And when it comes to this type of encryption system we can assure the customers of a higher level of security, because hacking of the mathematical function used in generating the password is very tedious and time-consuming.

How to use Security Swiper?

  1. Dear Guest, Please kindly follow these security guidelines for your safety.
  2. You have reached your room and you will find your hotel room key in the security swiper.
  3. Initial access is granted to enter your room.
  4. Now, Please enter your name for the first time only.
  5. Click on Generate Password and kindly wait for 5 seconds.
  6. Now, an encrypted password is generated using Encryption algorithms.
  7. To lock your room, close the door properly and pull your hotel room key out of the swiper.
  8. Kindly donot share your password and please remember this for next unlock of your hotel room.
  9. When you want to unlock and enter back into your room, Slide the room key into the swiper machine.
  10. Enter your last generated Password and click on Unlock the Door.
  11. Kindly, Accept our terms & conditions by clicking on the below button.
  12. Have a Secured Stay !!
  13. Thank you for choosing Affine Hotels !

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