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I didn't get this experience in school. We had one assignment where we were given some code to QA. It wasn't a real-world app though, just pretty trivial functions with a test-suite we needed to modify. A few months into my first job out of college, I remember wishing I had more experience working with larger, preexisting codebases.

We've been thinking about adding an educational component to DevFlight in the future. Essentially, students/ new devs who want to simulate a professional software development experience working with existing codebases can closely collaborate with participating OSS maintainers. Devs become more effective software engineers and maintainers have access to devs willing to help them with their projects.


I wish I were able to get some actual experience in college too.

Also, your educational component for DevFlight sounds like a really neat idea (although I'm not a student anymore, so I probably wouldn't qualify).


Thanks! You never know, it could mature into an efficient, pleasant way to learn a new language/framework for seasoned devs :)

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