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re: Things You Shouldn't Say to a Disabled Person About Why Your App Isn't Accessible VIEW POST


So what should someone say? I would probably have said the first one, it's low priority (compared to other things like getting all features in and squashing bugs), so I know not to say that now, but it leaves me with no good answer that comes to mind.

Also, people who aren't disabled don't generally know how to make things more accessible or how wide to go. You mention you have hearing aids, then there are people with visual impairment, people with dyslexia, people with motor control issues, and probably more. Do we cater for everything or draw a line somewhere and how do we draw that line?


But to answer your first question, you should be saying, “I’m sorry.”


The point is that there is no good reason not to be accessible. It’s 2019 and there are dozens of resources for learning about how to make your sites and applications accessible. There’s another comment here with a bunch of links to get you started.

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