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My first SDE internship interview experience

Company: Lido Learning

I applied at Lido Learning via linkedin. I don't remember the exact date when I applied. But my overall experience was awesome though got rejected due to rolling criteria.

The process contain 3 round:

First Round (Telephonic Round)

HR called me and told me that my resume is shortlisted for this role and they want to interview me. I was glad as this was my first time I am going to give interview for SDE role with good stipend and they were also providing me PPO (Pre Placement Offer) if satisfied with my work.
HR told me that my first technical interview will be after 5 days and I can expect easy-medium DSA questions and some questions related to Javascript, OOPS.

I revise my concept, I do leetcode.

Second Round (Technical Round)

Interviewer was SDE-2 at Lido. He first asked me to introduce myself. Then he ask me question related to javascript. I was able to give answer but I was not confident about it. He asked me the difference between '==' and '==='. I told him that both are conditional operator and '===' is advancement of '==', it was not fully correct. Then he asked me what is reduce function, I told him it is used in array scope. He was satisfied but not fully. He started asking me about OOPS, he asked me difference between private, protected, public.
Then he request me to share the screen and ask me 2 DSA question.

  1. Next Greater Element
    I started with brute force and show it to him. He asked me to optimize it, I did it using stack data structure.

  2. Based on hash map.
    I started with brute force and he asked me to optimize it, I did it and he was satisfied.

After 2 days I got call that I am selected for next round.

Third Interview(Technical Round)

Interviewer was VPE at Lido. He started with my introduction, I prepared for DP, graphs and other higher concepts but he deep dive into hashmap, he not ask my to code, he just give me different conditions for mapping. It was pretty tough.

As it was my first experience, I learned so many things and gain knowledge. Unfortunately, I was not selected as per rolling basis. But it was nice experience and I hope it helps you as well.

All the Best!!!

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