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Discussion on: How C# asynchronous programming is different than what you think

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Vedran Mandić

This is a cool example on how async/await really helps (you had to go into a message queue service instead of wrangling async await, woah, hope you solved that somehow). You did fix it but introducing so much infrastructure, is that right? I mean, you solved the issue that's what counts, but is it worth? Thanks.

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Yaser Al-Najjar Author • Edited on

That infrastructure is really cheap, we thought about adding redis or rappit MQ, but we made our minds with SQS cuz it's 10x cheaper (cuz we didn't wanna change our server plan to add more memory, and not mentioning ensuring the MQ runs with no problems).

For the technical cost, it took us about 3 days to add celery in front of the mail sender and deploy it on production (after deploying and trying it on staging).

I know took a bit of time and effort to get things done, even we had already the resend verification button... but we kept getting moaning from our beloved users 😄

So, for stopping the users' moaning, I would say it's totally worth it!