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A curated list of all the free services in all aspects of Information Technology.

Hey guys whats up, today I'm gonna be sharing with you the ultimate website that contains all the free services, apis, cloud services, tools, and everything you'll ever need and so much more. I just found it out today, and can't wait to share it with you guys.

Here it is:

A lot of us in the IT field is in a constant hunt for free and better services & tools. We all have some great ideas, and we all love to prototype it as soon as possible, without spending a lot of money upfront, and before we can realize our idea's full potential, it may turn out to be great, or a disaster, who knows. So for all of those who are like me, and would like to try out our ideas before spending a shit load of money on it, are always in a constant hunt for free and better tools and services. So, this is like the only website you'll ever need to find the right tools and services for your next project.
It is categorically organized, provides a brief description about it, and link to find it and learn more about it,

Hope you like it. Enjoy :)

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