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Top Engineering Schools in Canada

Engineering is one of those professions that are not in danger of disappearing any time soon. Technology is rapidly developing as machines and robots become the core of nearly every industry. Companies worldwide are on the constant lookout for highly qualified engineers. It is only natural that a range of schools offers a great education in this competitive field. In Canada, there are several universities to choose from, here’s a list:

  1. The University of Toronto has been number one in several fields for nearly two centuries. Their famous medical, law and business faculties attract students from all over the world. Engineering school is highly competitive, as well, with substantial investment poured in innovation and technology.

  2. The University of British Columbia in Vancouver funds around 8,000 research programs in engineering annually. For physics engineers, UBC has a national laboratory and the largest cyclotron in the world available on campus. To boot, there’s an engineering co-op program with access to the industry, which will help you with your job search. Definitely, a valid option to consider.

  3. Montreal - the city loved by students for its natural landscape, entertainment and bagels - offers two great engineering schools. One of them, McGill University is among the world’s top 100 choices if you choose a career in engineering, with slightly lower fees compared to number one in Toronto. The other one, the University of Montreal is a choice for people who know and love French. Although it doesn’t cut the world’s top 100 engineering schools, it has a famous medical and healthcare school. If you wish to polish your French and dream to work in medical engineering, this school has a strong case for you.

  4. The University of Waterloo has a powerful leaning toward practical skills. Co-op is strong with this one. In engineering, this combination of learning and practice is invaluable: you attend classes for a semester, then you work a semester. Basically, you get priceless knowledge - and your career is being settled at the same time. Bingo!

  5. While other universities boast a range of technology-focused classes, the University of Alberta has something none of the others have: the National Institute for Nanotechnology, the hidden gem of the engineering world. Moreover, if you’re interested in the energy sector, the University of Alberta can offer you some benefits with its strong ties in the industry. Obviously, this school is a clear choice for those students that look for something special.

Except for educational entities, there are many engineering scholarships that provide different companies that are dedicated to engineering and are interested in getting the best employees. The bright example is a scholarship program from Progressive Automations Inc.

Canada boasts some of the greatest engineering schools in the world. These schools utilize the methods of math and science to resolve problems in a variety of areas from aerospace to civil and from electrical to mechanical engineering. Choose between the renown University of Toronto to the practice-oriented University of Waterloo, and from the picturesque McGill to the national laboratory of UBC.

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