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Basic git commands you will ever need

To initialize a git repo

To init a git project

cd <path to root folder of project>
git init

To check the status of changed files

To check the status of files for changes

git status

To add file for commit

To add all changed files

git add -A

To add all changes in current directory

git add .

To add specific files

git add <file path>

To add multiple files

git add <file1 path> <file2 path>

To commit files to git

To make a commit with a commit messae

git commit -m "commit message"

Managing remote repos

Adding a remote URL

git remote add origin <repo URL>

To add multiple remote URL

git remote add <any key for remote URL> <repo URL>

To push code to remote repo

git push

To pull code from remote repo

git pull

Manipulating git branches

To create a new branch using current branch as base

git checkout -b <new branch name>

To checkout to existing branch

git checkout <branch name>

To push the new branch to remote repo

git push -u <remote key> <branch name>

To merge a branch’s code to current branch

git checkout <current branch>
git merge <other branch>


To stash a code without commit

git stash

To pull a stashed code

git stash pop

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